Monday, January 19, 2009

Sledding and Swimming

Last Saturday a big group of Callister relatives headed up to Garden Valley, Idaho to spend the day sledding, swimming in hot spring pools, and eating yummy food at the Fowler's (Jim's cousins). It was a lot of fun, with only one sledding injury (poor Theresa), and even though the pregnant lady (me) couldn't really do anything, I still enjoyed watching my daughter have a blast!

As far as the pictures go, I couldn't narrow them down to just a few, so I posted all of my favorites. Sorry for all pictures (not really), but my kid is pretty stinken' cute, as are the millions of Callister cousins. So that's what you get when you combine sledding, swimming, and lots (I mean LOTS) of cute little munchkins running around -- a whole mess of photos to blog about. Enjoy!

The troops walking towards the hill.

A shot from the bottom of the hill, and top of the hill.

Sled Train (Jason's in the middle of it, and he was a CRAZY sledder! Fun, but crazy.)

Fowler Family

One of Mike Thomas' kids ( I can't think of her name at the moment. Don't be mad, just know that I'm pregnant and there are millions of Callister cousins to keep track of.)

More sledding pics

Mike and two of his kids

Cute girl cousin shot. As you can see, Tralee has lots of little cousins to play with at these types of get-togethers.

Jim would pull Tralee up the sledding hill. She loved it!

Sledding down the hill

At the bottom

Heading back up

Our little snow angel!

She's walking with a purpose!

Tralee loved these dogs running around. If she wasn't sledding down the hill, or being pulled on a sled, she was following these dogs around.

Hot springs pool. Check out Kade -- mid-air and everything!

Daddy daughter moment

She's a fish people! The girl loves to swim (or try to at least).

That's "the end" folks!

Thanks to the Fowler family for hosting this cool event!


Boom said...

Pink is that girls color! Great pics! Love, Mom

Michelle Burk said...

The picture of Tralee in the air is hilaious!!
I love your pictures. I need to add them to mine.
Great day. Thanks again for loving my kids while I was gone. Sure appreciate you!!