Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oh, Tralee.

Tralee wasn't on her best behavior at church today.

We had a melt-down while the sacrament was passed. Tralee wanted to take a whole handful of bread, and when we wouldn't let her, she reacted with a tantrum. Jim took her out of the chapel. I could still hear her wailing. Eventually, the tantrum escalated to the point where Jim took her out to the car where she continued to scream for about 30 minutes. Lovely. At the very end of sacrament meeting Jim showed up with a smiley Tralee in tow. She was happy, just in time for nursery. In all fairness to Tralee, sacrament meeting is right around her nap time.

Tralee did great in nursery, but she always does. As long as there's toys, food, music, and bubbles, Tralee is usually a peach.

After church I had to get set apart for my calling. The only one available was our bishop and Jim. So, during my blessing Tralee was free to run amok in the bishop's office. The blessing was beautiful -- well, what I heard of it. I only heard about half of it as one ear was listening for Tralee, and my eyes kept peeking at what she was doing.

During the blessing Tralee picked up the bishop's phone said, "Hello!" and then dropped the receiver. A few seconds later I heard the phone make that annoying sound it does when it's been left off the receiver for too long. Tralee also managed to pick up the bishop's HUGE glass candy jar, bring it over to me, and place it in my lap. I was just glad she didn't break it! She also found a large jar of licorice, took off the lid, and started to carry the licorice around. At one point she took a piece out of the jar with her mouth, and then spit it back into the jar. Jim could do nothing, as his hands were on my head. And I could do nothing as I was receiving the blessing. When the blessing ended, instead of shaking the bishop's hand to thank him, I handed him back his candy jar. Jim put the phone back on the receiver, and I tried to guess which piece of licorice had Tralee spit on it. There were hundreds of licorices in the jar, and I just couldn't make a guess. I hope since it happened during the blessing, the licorice with Tralee spit on it was protected and blessed as well. If not, I sure hope whoever ends up with that piece has a forgiving heart.

So, to sum it up, church was entertaining (to say the least) with a two-year-old. I have NO idea how some kids sit perfectly content during sacrament meeting. I come with a bag full of snacks, books, crayons, and other little toys to keep Tralee quiet. It didn't work today. If you have any pearls of wisdom about keeping a restless two-year-old in good form during sacrament, please pass them along with a comment.

We're home now, and Tralee is napping. All the frustration and embarrassment I felt at church today melted away as I just went in Tralee's room to check on her. Why is it when they're sleeping that kids look irresistible? Seriously, she is so sweet when she sleeps. I snuggled up next to her and starred at the dimple on her chin, her chubby, soft, little cheeks, long dark eyelashes, perfect tulip lips, and sweet little nose that's a perfect mix of Jim's and mine. I listened to her angel breath as she inhaled and exhaled. Then I whispered in her perfectly curved ear how much I love her.

I've never loved anything as I've loved Tralee. It's an all-consuming love that I've never experienced before motherhood. I would do anything for this child. Yes, this same child that drove me crazy at church today.

I keep telling Jim, it doesn't matter what she does, the love is always there. Even when I'm at a loss because the terrible-twos are hitting my child full-force and I've run out of ideas, I still love every single thing about her. But, for now I REALLY love it when she sleeps angelically and I can whisper wishes into her ear.


Michelle Burk said...

And that's why you're having another one.

Meagan said...

We've been going through the same process, and we decided that family home evening is when we would crack down on the discipline. We started that last week and...fhe seemed to turn into family fight night. Oh well, she did do quite well on Sunday after that. Good luck!

Boom said...

Great Story Leslie! She is a beautiful little girl!

Audie said...

She'll grow out of it, then grow back into it. It's a vicious cycle!

Hannah S said...

Ya, I totally know what you are going through. Yesterday, Samuel kept crying out loud, "I'm soooo hungry" during the sacrament. I was afraid social services was going to find us. We don't let them eat snacks until after the sacrament...don't know if it's worth the battle but we have to be consistent....whatever you do, be consistent. I've almost had to take kids out into the car. we try to sit them in an empty room on a chair and let them cry it out.
We have several "quiet" books, snacks, also....there hasn't been a miracle yet...if you do get some good suggestions, post them on here:)

Necha said...

Oh, I am wiping away tears! I was laughing so hard I almost died! I think that just hit too close to home. We do that EVERY Sunday. But the liquorish thing about killed me. Best laugh I've had in a while! Thanks!