Monday, February 16, 2009


It's that time again. Time in my pregnancy to retire my beautiful engagement ring and wedding band to my jewelery box. That time where my hands get so swollen to the point that -- dare I say it? -- I have man hands. Time that I replace my beautiful ring set with a sub par silver band that's a few sizes larger than my wedding finger is used to.

Oh well. In a few months I'll have a new baby to care for, and hopefully all the swelling will go down, my original ring will slip back on my finger, and be spit-up on numerous times a day. I'll just have to be patient and let this little (or. . .actually, quite large) silver ring do the work for now.

I'll see you in a few months engagement ring and wedding band.


Michelle Burk said...

Listen,This fat finger thing is an opportunity to see how the other half live. Just hit up target or wal-mart or a cheap jewlery store at the mall and buy the biggest fake ring you can find! Then try wearing it to the bitter end, and act like it's totally real. The real thing might be a disappointment when it's all said and done. Live it up!

Mary Ann Carlile said...

Your friend Michelle has a great idea! I just may have to try that too! I think my time is quickly approaching where I will have to relinquish the wedding ring also, but I have never thought to buy a cheap-o one to wear on my fat finger...Wal-Mart here I come! (Have you seen my blog post today? It's meant for you too!)

Audie said...

I can't wear my ring either but that's because the cold makes my fingers shrivel up!! My ring is too big now. What have you been up to? It's been so long since we talked last!

Jim said...

Heh Leslie,

I like the Walmart ring idea as well.

Go for it.