Tuesday, February 10, 2009


We've had a busy few weeks.

We babysat Jim's Uncle's kids

Came home for three days

Jim's sisters came to visit (which was so fun to have them here, they're fun girls. . . excuse me, women)

We babysat Jim's Aunt's kids while said sisters were in town

We visited and took shifts with Tricia in between the above mentioned

Gave talks in Church on Sunday

And now we're finally home.

But. . . .there's no rest for the weary. Jim's Dad and his wife Judy are coming into town. Because of all the above business I haven't touched my house in over a week. It looks not-so-fantastic. So, I'll be cleaning, cleaning, cleaning the next few days to get it looking good enough for company. . . the in-law kind of company. We're even having a septic guy and furnace guy come out today to check on things. We have no idea the last time our septic tank was cleaned, so it's probably time for a good hose-out. I wont' go into more detail than that. Also, our furnace is old and needs a good cleaning as well.

I better get going. There's lots to do.


Joni said...

That IS a lot to do!! How did you manage to have time to scan all those pictures!!?? You're the best and have fun with Dad and Judy!

Boom said...

I'm glad you are getting those things taken care of. It gives me peace of mind!