Monday, October 20, 2008

Pumpkin Picking Party

Last year Jim and I took Tralee pumpkin picking at a little pumpkin farm. We had a lot of fun, and thought the only way to make the experience more fun was to get more Jacobs's involved. So, we called the other Jacobs family that lives in Boise and invited them to bring their kids along for a pumpkin picking party. We were right, it was a blast! There's not really too much more to say than that, so I'll just post the pictures from our little outing. Enjoy.

Below Jovie and Tralee are checking out the sheep. The sheep REALLY liked Jovie.

Jovie and Tralee on the hay ride out to the pumpkin patch.
Tralee lookin' cute surrounded by pumpkins
Check out my sweet picasa skills.
I'm not sure why Tralee was yelling at the pumpkins, but she didn't really care for them too much.
Here's a nice photo of Jovie, Jared, Jim, and Tralee Jacobs
Jim was searching for the perfect pumpkin, and this is the one he found. It's a huge weird looking sucker! That's probably why Jim was drawn to it.

Tralee pointing to the pigs. After a while she actually touched one's ear instead of running away when it approached.
We all found our perfect pumpkins, then came back to our place and hung out for a bit. It was a good day.


Audie said... was a GREAT day!!

Boom said...

Great Pictures! Tralee is soo darn cute! Jim's pumpkin leaves much to be desired in my opinion! To each his own I guess. Love you all!

Necha said...

hmmm, so uh, why didn't you invite me? Okay-so even if you did I probably wouldn't have driven eight hours for it, but it sure would have been fun!! We really need to come visit you sometime!! Dang, I am not a good friend am I...oi vey. But I still love you...does that count?

Joni said...

That looks like so much fun!! All the Jacobs' are adorable!

Elordi Family said...

hey its carrie from church your pics are so cute which place did you guys go to and if you dont mind me asking how mcuh was it? We missed isaacs preschool trip we were all sick but i was going to try to take him to one. Ayway cute picks!

Joey Clements said...

Those are such cute pics! Jim's pumpkin is fantastic! lol Looks like such a fun day! Where did you guys go?