Monday, October 13, 2008

New Puzzle and PJs

I brought a little puzzle home from New York for Tralee. She loves it! Not only does she do the puzzle, but she uses the animals like blocks, she plays with them and makes them kiss each other, and she piles them on her legs. It's pretty fun to watch Tralee play with her new puzzle.

Tralee also has some new pajamas. I wish they made them in my size, they look so comfy and cute!!

Tralee's pretty cute too.
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Jim said...

Cool PJ's


Boom said...

She is tooo cute!!!! Can't wait to kiss those cute little cheeks!

Joni said...

Umm she is totally cute and funny with her puzzle and new jammers. I miss Tralee.

Necha said...

What a cute girl!! Do you know that the last time I saw her she was little enough to sit in a baby bouncy seat!! Crazy! I miss her...and you of course!