Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Daddy Daughter Trip

Before you feel too bad for Jim, I just want you to know that he and Tralee took a little trip of their own while I was in New York. Jim drove me to SLC to fly out with Abby, and since he came that far he decided to go a little further and visit his sister Adrienne and her girls, and brother John and his family in St. George, UT.

I called Jim at least two or three times a day to check in, and every time I asked how things were going I heard things like this,

"Great, I'm golfing right now."

"John, Collin, and I are going to go repelling off a 160 foot cliff today."

"Oh, Tralee and I are at a park playing."

"Tralee and I are just swimming right now."

"We're driving to Mesquite to eat at the crab leg buffet."

So, it would be fair to say Jim and Tralee had a good time too. I was actually pleasantly surprised to hear how great Tralee did while I was away. She played with her cousins, went to bed really well for anyone who took her night night, and was generally happy the whole time! The only time I heard she cried was when her cousin Brody pulled her hair or sat on her head. I guess I need to teach Tralee how to defend herself from one-year-old hair-pulling boys! :)

I was a little alarmed when I saw some of the things Jim dressed Tralee in. Prior to the trip I picked out cute little outfits for Tralee, and folded the tops and bottoms together so that Jim wouldn't have any problems picking out clothes for Tralee. I guess my fool-proof plan didn't work, because in one picture I see Tralee is dressed in a bed-time T-shirt and plaid pants!! To look on the bright side, at least she was dressed.
I also got a message from Jim that went something like this, "So, I've been trying for a half an hour to put those cute pig tails in Tralee's hair that you do. How do you do it? She keeps wandering around and I can't get her to sit still, and when she does I can't get these rubber bands in her hair. I'm giving up." I was laughing so hard when I listened to that message. I only wish I could have been a fly on the wall to watch it happen.

Overall Jim did a GREAT job taking care of our little girl. Sure, she was mis-matched and a little ragamuffin-y while I was a way, but she was fed, played with, and loved. So I really can't complain!! I'm glad Jim and Tralee had fun too.

Here's Tralee and Lexi Jo (John's little girl) having a sleepover. Cute cute!! Oh, and thanks Cassi for watching Tralee and doing her hair for Jim, he REALLY appreciated it! I got another phone call where Jim said, "Cassi did Tralee's hair for me! It looks really cute!"

Uncle John holding Brody and Tralee. They're only a few months apart in age.
Here are a few more pictures from Jim's adventures repelling.


amy said...

funny post :) Jimmy has issues getting the kids matched and, well, Haylee hair just doesn't get done. The worst was how he dressed Haylee for church one Sunday when I was gone. i don't get how it's so hard. but, true, as long as the kids are loved and fed and dressed in something, it's all good. the kids don't mind and they just love that time with daddy.

Joni said...

What fun! I wish I would've known you guys were in Salt Lake, I would've drove there to see you! Oh well, It looks like you guys both had an awesome time, even if you weren't together.

Cassie said...

I just linked to your blog from Abby's and I had a blast looking at your New York trip! It seemed like SO much fun! The 4 of you look the same! Congrats on the pregnancy! Having 2 kids is awesome!!!

John and Cassi said...

we loved having Tralee, please come again soon... we missed you!